Over the past few months we’ve been walking through the Communion liturgy in the 2019 Prayer Book, step by step, and just finished last week.  Now it’s time to share the full index of this summary so you can go back, catch up on anything you missed, or revisit what you might want to revisit.

This is not, of course, a complete commentary on every portion of the liturgy.  But it does give you something to think about, or context to consider, for each section of the worship service.  Plus some advice along the way!

  1. The Trinitytide Acclamation or The Advent Acclamation
  2. The Collect for Purity
  3. The Penitential Rite (Decalogue or Summary of the Law)
  4. The Gloria in Excelsis
  5. The Number of Collects and Lessons
  6. The Nicene Creed (translation)
  7. The Order of the Sermon & Creed
  8. The Prayers of the People
  9. The Exhortation
  10. The Confession
  11. The Comfortable Words
  12. The Offertory Sentences
  13. The Sursum Corda
  14. The Proper Preface
  15. The two(ish) Prayers of Consecration
  16. The Epiclesis
  17. The Fraction
  18. The Prayer of Humble Access
  19. the Anthem
  20. What the Minister says to the Congregation at the Communion
  21. The two Post-Communion Prayers
  22. The Blessing
  23. The Dismissal

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