The Church Calendar is a major piece of Christian liturgy; it’s like a skeleton that provides structure for the body.  This page gathers articles from the blog that pertain to different Calendar-related matters.

Calendar Principles:

Video Series on the Calendar:

  1. Advent
  2. Christmastide
  3. Epiphanytide
  4. Pre-Lent
  5. Lent
  6. Holy Week & Easter Week
  7. Eastertide
  8. Ascensiontide & Pentecost
  9. Trinitytide
  10. All Saints’ Day & other Major Feasts
  11. Ember Days, Rogation Days, National Days
  12. Other Commemorations

On the Seasons and Sundays:

On the (“Red-Letter”) Holy Days:

On the (“Black-Letter”) Commemorations: