It’s been quiet on this blog for a while. It’s hard to make time for writing when you’re a stay-at-home parent with two children during the summer. I’ve also been shifting my writing efforts from blogging to larger projects for physical publication. This isn’t an official announcement, yet, but a teaser/preview that some exciting new things are in the works. Eventually I’ll have an online bookstore to unveil.

But it is time to get the Saint Aelfric Customary blog up and running again. I cannot promise 5 posts a week like I maintained before COVID-tide, but I am going to begin by sharing occasional (hopefully at least weekly) notes on liturgical planning. Rather than writing more studious pieces about the liturgy generally, as I did extensively for nearly two years, this will be more specific to particular examples. Tomorrow, for example, you can read about some music planning that I’m aiming for in my church, and bit of what I hope to accomplish with that. Other times I’ll make notes about how we’re acknowledging certain commemorations on Sundays, or perhaps something we do at Evening Prayer sometime.

In short, I’m back! Let’s have some (perhaps slightly geeky) fun learning about liturgy together again.

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