By my count, we are past 100 days of ‘Covidtide’ now, and I’ve got to be honest, this season has not been kind to me, or to many others.  But I did my best to keep this blog going because, when it comes down to it, this is about prayer and worship, and the Christian soul is veritably nourished by prayer and worship.  We need to support one another on our knees before the Lord of mercy and grace, and this blog is one small way that I try to help my fellow Christians, especially Anglicans (or at least Anglophiles), to continue steadfast in the life of prayer and hopefully grow in those disciplines too.

But this blog was not meant to be the “main thing” here.  It’s called The Saint Aelfric Customary.  And if you go back to the front page you’ll see that the “main thing” is supposed to be the writing and provision of an actual Customary.  There has also been a statement of intent and purpose on this page since this project’s beginning in October 2018.

My announcement today is that I am beginning to work, in earnest, toward the writing of this Customary as well as some Commentary on the Prayer Book liturgy!

For the time being, this will mean that I will update the Customary page(s) once a week, and also write one blog post per week that commentates on something from the 2019 Prayer Book.  The latter I have been doing informally for over a year now, but I am aiming to be more specific and comprehensive from this point on.

There is also now a shiny new drop-down menu in the Header of this website.  “Customary” still goes to the same Customary index, mostly empty for now, but “Commentary” now has a handy-dandy menu of different pages so you can browse old entries more easily by subject matter.  That, I believe, will make the reference value of this site significantly more useful.

May the Lord bless this work, and all ye who read it, comment, question, and otherwise engage with it as we all journey through the sacred liturgy in the Way of Christ!

– Fr. Brench

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