Oh hi, everyone.  Yeah, sorry there was no blog post ready today (Friday).  Like a lot of people, I got very busy with family time and wife’s vacation between internship rotations and all that good stuff.  It’s caused me to miss several entries in the past week or two.  I’ll get back on track with a normal schedule soon.

It may be that I will reduce the posting rate from 6 days a week to 5, so I can focus on quality a bit more, over quantity.  For example, today, instead of rushing to get up a music-related post that I’d intended, I took the time to skip it and work on the much larger write-up for tomorrow.  Stay tuned: I’ve finally put together my own book review of the 2019 Prayer Book!  I hope you will find it worth the wait.

Another coming attraction for 2020 is that I’m finally going to buckle down and start writing the actual Saint Aelfric Customary. Watch for those updates, almost every week, starting in February.

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