October 1st is The Saint Aelfric Customary’s birthday!  Regular weekday blog posts began on this day (albeit a Monday) last year, and I must say I’m quite chuffed at the traction this little blog has gained in twelve months.  Not that this is a high-traffic website of provincial fame, of course, but I am gratified to be supplying one person’s “favorite” blog, and supplementing another person’s education in Anglican liturgy, and indulging the curiosity of quite a few others.

So my present to you on this birthday of sorts is an index.  Okay, that sounds kind of boring, but bear with me.  If you look at the menu near the top of the page, assuming you’re reading this on the regular website, you will now see a slightly different lineup of menu headers: Post FeedCommentaryCustomary, and Book Reviews.  The first is the normal feed of new posts, the Customary is the “table of contents” for the SÆC itself, which I’ve not made much progress on yet, the Book Reviews page is an index I’ve maintained for those, but what’s new is the Commentary page, and I encourage you to check it out: https://saint-aelfric-customary.org/commentary/.

There you will find an index of a large portion of the past year’s blog posts, handily sorted by category so you can quickly & easily look up a subject to see if there’s something we’ve already explored.  Together they form a loose commentary on elements of the new Prayer Book, and on Anglican liturgy in general.  You’ll find it in 14 sections:

  1. Liturgical Principles in General
  2. Principles of the liturgical calendar
  3. Seasons of the liturgical calendar
  4. Holy Days in the liturgical calendar
  5. Commemorations in the liturgical calendar
  6. Canticles & Psalms
  7. Collects & Occasional Prayers
  8. The Daily Office
  9. The Holy Communion
  10. Other Rites
  11. Lessons of Scripture
  12. Music (hymnody & chant)
  13. Practical & Procedural Advice
  14. Recordings of Sample Services

So now, if there’s something specific you want to look into, there’s your place to browse more easily!

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