Surprise it’s an entry on a Sunday! I promise I’m not breaking the Sabbath and doing unnecessary work; I’m just sharing a sermon from another blog for today.
I know that many evangelical Anglicans today are uncomfortable with the Books Called Apocrypha, and tend to be a little embarrassed about their appearances in our lectionary, so I thought it might be helpful to share this sermon which uses not one but two texts from the Ecclesiastical Books to support the primary text (in this case the Gospel).

Leorningcnihtes boc

an exposition of Luke 14:1,7-14

We’ve got some fun stuff today!  While all four gospel books touch upon many of the same points in the life and teaching of Jesus, and there is a great deal of overlap, there tends to be a different emphasis taken on by each author, shining a different light on what our Lord had to say.  St. Luke has a particular emphasis on humanity – one could say he is the humanist among the Evangelists – concerned as he is for the poor, for the sinner, and for justice among God’s people.

Our Gospel reading today contains yet another “banquet feast” image – it’s a theme that shows up quite a lot.  And what he has to say in these two paragraphs can be read in several layers of meaning.

I. Practical Advice for the Dinner Table

The first layer is just plain practical advice:

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