Just a quick entry this Friday morning – remember to use a different Collect of the Day in Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

  1. In Morning Prayer today, we’re still using the Collect of the Day from Sunday (Proper 15 in the 2019 book).
  2. In Evening Prayer today it’s time to switch the Collect of the Day over to tomorrow’s feast day: St. Bartholomew.

As it says on page 687:

Following ancient Jewish tradition, the celebration of any Sunday begins at sundown on the Saturday that precedes it. Therefore at Evening Prayer on Saturdays (other than Holy Days), the Collect appointed for the ensuing Sunday is used.

Although this only refers to Sundays, the principle has traditionally been applied to major holy days, such as the “red-letter days” in Prayer Book tradition.  This quote does, however, speak to tomorrow’s Evening Prayer situation, noting that the Holy Day takes precedence over starting Sunday at sundown.

In short…

  • Friday Morning: still using the previous Sunday’s Collect
  • Friday Evening: begin using St. Bartholomew
  • Saturday Morning & Evening: still using St. Bartholomew
  • Sunday Morning: begin using that Sunday’s Collect

Happy praying!

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