A few weeks ago there was a big to-do over a sketchy rubric that snuck into the Additional Directions for the Communion service back in 2018.  The Saint Aelfric Customary did its part in advocating for the correction of potential sacrilegious malpractice, and together we all successfully made our voices heard!  The College of Bishops agreed to amend the offending text.  Here’s the result:

sacrilege averted!

Admittedly this is not a perfect correction; the witness of every historic Prayer Book regardless of churchmanship or theological party, is that excess consecrated wine is to be drunk up by people, not the ground or a special sink called a piscina.  So the line “except as authorized and directed by the Bishop” still leaves room for such malpractices, though now you need your Bishop’s permission to abuse the Sacrament.

Apart from this, there are a number of minor corrections to the first printing of the Prayer Book (2019) that the committee has tried to make people aware of.  If you got your new Prayer Book at Assembly a couple weeks ago, or just received it from a pre-order, you need to make the following corrections to it (like I did in the picture above).

bcp2019 errata first edition

As you can see, most of these are just grammatical issues.  It’s normal for the first edition of a book to have a handful of little mistakes like these – I’ve seen stupid spelling mistakes in respected theological text books before.  It happens; it’s an imperfect world.  Just grab a black pen and make these little edits in your book if it needs them, and carry on your merry way.

We’re not here to complain about the quality of our worship books, after all; we’re here to worship.  Let us pray!

4 thoughts on “BCP 2019 Corrections!

  1. Saying Morning Prayer for today, September 4.
    Tripping over Ps. 14: 6
    There were they brought into great fear,

    Is this correct?

    Thank you.


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