Have you heard the news?  BCP 2019 in its final form, page numbers and all, was put online and officially announced during Holy Week.  I would have mentioned it here that day, but Notre Dame Cathedral’s roof was burning, and amidst all the other goings-on both in world events and in liturgical matters, there just wasn’t a good opportunity to say here “oh by the way, habemus librem!”  (Pardon the Papist joke.)

Anyway… the official website is here: http://bcp2019.anglicanchurch.net/

The Home tab doesn’t have much to say; just a couple quotes and a button to the text/download page.

The Text tab is where you can download the whole book as a pdf, or any of its twelve parts as either a pdf or a Word document.

The Purchase tab doesn’t contain any links for ordering books yet; that won’t be available until June.  But it does show the two options that are in the works – a standard pew edition and a leather covered edition with four ribbons.

The History tab provides a brief outline of Anglican history, particularly noting the Prayer Book tradition leading to where we are today.

The Resources tab, finally, has a couple articles and a video about the new version of the liturgies of the church, as well as buttons to other pages that provide bulletin leaflets for the Communion service throughout the three-year cycle, and another button to “miscellaneous” resources.  These include a bunch of bits and pieces that the old Texts for Common Prayer page housed, such as translations into other languages, supplementary liturgical resources, study notes and reports from the liturgical task force, and some other reference articles that explain some of the features of the liturgies that might raise questions in some quarters.

If you find yourself critical of something in the 2019 BCP, or even just unsure and curious, be sure to peruse that Resources page in case your issue is already addressed there!

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