It’s Tuesday, and that means the Collect for Aid against Perils is appointed at Evening Prayer.  If you’ve only ever used the 1979 Prayer Book you may be unaware that the Collects in the Daily Office were not as numerous in previous books.  There were always three: the Collect of the Day, followed by two others (Morning and Evening Prayer having different pairs).  Additional collects and prayers were typically permitted or expected, but the basic three were static and unchanging.  The Collect for Aid against Perils is one of the two original Evening collects.  As the Evening Prayer rubrics of our Prayer Book now note:

It is traditional to pray the Collects for Peace and Aid against Perils daily.  Alternatively, one may pray the collects on a weekly rotation, using the suggestions in parentheses.

Whether you opt for the modern weekly rotation of Collects or stick with the traditional two every day, it is worth taking note of moments like this in which old and new practices line up with each other.

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