The Saint Aelfric Customary is a work in progress, compiling notes and insights into the use of the Book of Common Prayer (2019) as authorized by the Anglican Church in North America. This project has a three-fold focus: conformity to the authorized liturgical texts, commitment to to the fullest possible execution of the liturgy, and concern for the established traditions of Anglican liturgy before our time. You can read more about that here.

What this ministry is about, however, is not quite so grandiose. Rather than a brute force method like dropping a giant book on people’s heads to “improve” their use of the Prayer Book, this site exists to share snippets of advice and insight into how the liturgy might be implemented that day, or in the near future. We might share preaching aids, reminders of Holy Days or other unusual features of a given day, hymn suggestions, or any number of other liturgical bits and bobs.

It is my prayer that this ministry, and god-willing in the fullness of time, book, will be a blessing and an encouragement in your daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual observances of worship in our beloved Prayer Book tradition.

the Rev. Matthew Brench
Vicar of Fitchburg

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